One of the most picturesque regions in all of New York State, the 1,000 Islands quite literally has 1,000 reasons to get excited about! Anyone that enjoys being out on the water will quickly learn how this region gained its claim to fame. This international waterfront destination will provide you more adventures and world class views than you can possibly take in.

If something looks familiar here, then you very well may be looking at Boldt Castle. This major landmark and tourist attraction is a beautiful and legendary destination we highly recommend visiting. Built as a summer dream home meant to rival those you see in Europe, the castle never truly was finished as Mrs. Boldt passed away. After being vacant for over 70 years, the Castle is now open for tours.

While you’re here don’t limit yourself to just one thing. There are multiple scenic state parks, island getaways, and quiet villages to explore and settle down in. The aura of the 1,000 Islands isn’t going anywhere so come join us as we visit this destination. We’ll show you why its become a world-class destination region.